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5 Free Chord Progression Maker (Generator) - Part 1

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5 FREE Chord Progression Maker / Generators (Part 1/5)


Chord progression is a very important yet always somewhat neglected topic when it comes to beat making. Most up and coming producers haven't been trained in classical music theory and are quick to reach their limits when it comes to doing more melodic stuff. Allthough it is never too late to turn around and learn some basic music theory, we are happy to present you some of the best chord progression tools available on the net for FREE, that will help you out if you need a quick inspiration.

Check out these 5 free Chord Progression Maker and start stepping up your game today!

You won't have to download any software, won't have to sign up for any trail period and won't have to spend any money. No matter if you are using a PC or a Mac - as long as you got an internet browser you are good to go.

Have fun experimenting with these progression generators and hopefully they will help you come up with some fresh chord progressions and improve your skills too.

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Chord progression maker overview:

1) Drumbot – Key Chords


Demo-sound: E-Guitar

Chord display: Yes

Randomizer: Yes

Progression timeline: Yes

Specials: BPM, Number of strums. This generator is also available as iPad APP. Click here to check it out!

About: Key Chords is a fully flexible chord progression tool. It lets you drag and drop up to 21 different chords in each key into the timeline, arrange and re-arrange them, play them back and even set a BPM and a number of strums per chord. Besides that it has a very nice visual surface which will also show you each string on the guitar within each chord.

Website: Drumbot - Key Chords


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