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Tha Bizness - Detailed Making of "My President" by Young Jeezy

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Tha Bizness took the time to sit down in their studio and do a tutorial on how exactly they made the beat for "My President" by Young Jeezy.

VST plugins used:

- Apple Logic
- N.I. Battery
- N.I. Kontakt
- Apple Logic stock sounds (i.e.: Piano)
- Miroslav (strings)
- Some synth for leads
- Some horns/ brass

They created like 4-5 beats and this is the one who were chosen by Jeezy.

The artist wanted the party tha was supposed to be the hook lead throughout the whole song. Additional horns were added afterwards to make everything sound bigger and more anthem like.

Very important tip by Tha Bizness:
Once the main loop is done leave it and come back to listen to it again after 1-2 days with fresh ears. You may add some additional stuff like percussions to make the instrumental reach it's final potential.

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