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How to use N.I. Maschine the right way - Pad functions explained

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This tutorial video is showing you quickly which pads have which functions on Maschine.

Topics covered:

- Undo/ Redo
- Compare (playback comparison with and without recent changes)
- Split (put recent changes in the next pattern instead of in the original pattern. Quicker than "duplicate" button.)

- Quantize
- Quantize 50% (notes will become tighter but not fully lock into the grid)
- Nudge (left/ right moves the note data in the grid to the left or the right)

- Clear (clear whole pattern or highlighted data)
- Clear automations (same only for automation)
- copy
- paste

- Semitone - / + (moves selected data up or down one semitone)
- Octave - / + (moves selected data up or down one whole octave)

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