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How to make a pop beat like Lady Gaga/ Katy Perry (Part 1-15 in Reason)

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This is a tutorial on how to create a pop song from beginning to end.
Lots of good advices from how to treat the drum samples and build the actual beat over choosing the right bass sound, pads and leads until how to finish the project. This video was made using reason but the idea applies to every sequencer.
For beats and songs like Lady Gaga/ Britney Spears/ Ke$ha this is the right tutorial but also music and song production in general.

Topic inlcude:
- Drums
- Basslines
- Arrangement
- Creating an electro lead (oscillator)
- Creating a gated pad like Red One
- Pad sound for bridge
- Processing Pop vocals
- Autotune vocals
- Vocal harmonies
- Melodies / Rythm
- Mixing and Mastering


Intro - Verse 1 - Pre Chorus - Chorus - Intro - Verse 2 - Pre Chorus - Chorus - Chorus - Bridge - Bridge - Pre Chorus - Chorus - Chorus - Outro (basically the intro for the 3rd time)

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