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How To - DIY Vocal Booth VS Reflection Filter - Part 3

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DIY Vocal Booth VS Reflection Filter (a comparison) - Part 3/5



3) Why have Vocal Booths been invented?tl_files/images/content/booth-filter-02.jpg

Vocal booths have been invented to have a lesser amount of diffused reflections coming from the walls so you can record signals with less reverberation (also referred to as ‘dry signals’). They also have another important feature: they keep external sounds outside and internal sounds inside which comes in handy if you want to record for example a whole band at once.

tl_files/images/content/booth-filter-03.jpgBUT vocal booths also have been invented in an era of recording before the 1960s. Back at that time people wouldn’t have HQ headphones inside the studios and record all kinds of stuff only by monitoring the signal through speakers! How do you keep your microphones away from al that noise? Right: build a booth around it.


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