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How to create the "Harlem Shake" Lead Synth with N.I. Massive

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Youtube User ProductionBytes explains how to create the lead synth of the world famous track "Harlem Shake" by Baauer in Native Instruments ' Massive synth.

The Basic synth

1) Open N.I. Massive (blank patch)

2) Attach Env 1 to the pitch of OSC 1 and drag that up to 12:00 (1 octave)

3) Edit the Env by turning off the attack, turning the decay all the way up and set the decay time to aprox 40%

The Harlem Shake Lead

1) Change basic wave form from Square-SAW I to Square-SAW II

2) Switch insert 1 to HP/ LP filter. Turn the HP off and the LP to 2+ O'clock. (Take of the harshness make it sound thicker).

3) Add "Flanger Positive" to FX Slot 1 and set: dry/wet to full, rate to about 55%, feedback to 25% and depth to 35%. (add some stereo panning).

4) Add a small reverb.

5) Use the EQ to boost around 5 kHz and take a bit of the low end off.


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