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5 ways how to to make your beats sound fuller (Part 1: The right sounds)

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5 ways to make your music sound fuller

5 Ways How To Make Your Beats Sound Fuller



Beginning with beat making or music production, you will often feel like your beats are missing something. This emptiness is one of the things that distinguish the sound of an amateur from the sound of a pro. People you show your music to often describe your beats as 'not on top of your game', but cannot really explain why they feel that way? Well, we can.

It is possible that, even though you are skilled and talented in certain areas of beat making such as creating catchy tunes or programming drums, your beats sound too thin too weak, too light and thus do not reach their full potential yet.

Your final goal should be a full, warm and rich sounding beat that is not only catchy, but will leave a strong and lasting first impression.

We at BeatmakerTutorials love helping aspiring musicians like you, no matter if your favorite genre is Hip Hop, RnB, House Music, DnB (Drum And Bass), EDM (Electronic Dance Music) or even Classical. If you keep asking yourself ‘How can I make my music sound fuller?’ We got a remedy for that too!


We present to you five easy to learn methods
that will put an end to unfulfilled sounding beats once and for all and help you to bring your music production further. All five steps can be integrated easily into your existing beat making routine, no matter whether you use FL Studio, Logic Pro, Reason, Pro Tools, a MPC, NI Maschine or even just an app on your smartphone.



Step 1: Start by choosing the right sounds (too much of anything is bad!)

If you start creating a beat from scratch make sure you choose rich sounding, high quality samples, VSTs and sounds right from the beginning. A thin and poor sounding instrument is very hard to fix afterwards and there is absolutely no reason to choose it in the fist place.

An example: If you feel like the strings that you just chose do not make the big impression you wand them to make, go on and look for another preset until you find one that meets your needs. Do not be lazy here or satisfied too easily. Take your time and make a good selection.

You do not want your beats to sound too empty, but you do not want them to sound too stuffed, either.


Always keep in mind: Artists i.e. rappers or singers are still going to lay their vocals on top of whatever foundation you’ve just build. The less the better and if it does not sound right – don’t use it.




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