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5 ways how to to make your beats sound fuller (Part 5: Reverberation Tails)

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5 ways to make your music sound fuller

5 Ways How To Make Your Beats Sound Fuller



Step 5: Use the right amount of reverb to thicken your instruments

Although most music producers think reverb is a part of the mixing stage only, it is highly recommended to use it as a sound designing tool in the production stage as well.

Example: You can make a dry clap sample sound really big, nice and deep by adding some reverb to it. The same goes for any other instrument like pads, pianos, strings, leads and so on. Reverb can really help to thicken your whole sound if used properly.

Do not overuse this. If you do, your beat again will sound muddy instead of full. Play around with different settings to get the best results. You may also add a little delay effect to particular instruments.

Remember: Reverb is not only for mixing, but can also be used in sound design. Sounds without reverb are dry and leave emptiness behind. Those with reverberation tails add thickness to the overall sound of your beat.



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