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5 ways how to to make your beats sound fuller (Part 4: Fill in's)

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5 ways to make beats sound fuller

5 Ways How To Make Your Beats Sound Fuller



Step 4: Fill in holes with noisy, atmospheric sounds

Another method to get rid of emptiness during beat production is to actually fill in holes with light, atmospheric sounds. Usually you should use noises only, but exceptionally you can also use samples with a tune to them. In that case you have to tune the sample’s key to the key of your beat.


Do this drill by following these 4 easy steps:

1. Choose a kind of noisy sample. Think of the whole bandwidth from ‘static’ to ‘white noise’.

2. Cut that sample until it fits your beat and create a loop from it.

3. If necessary, adjust the sample’s key to the key of your beat.

4. Adjust the volume until the sample is almost nonexistent but still fills the emptiness of your beat.


Keep in mind: Tuneless noisy sound-samples can be used to fill the emptiness of a track, but using too much will make it sound muddy and stuffed instead of full.


Further video material: How to make your music sound 'fuller' with fill in's





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