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5 ways how to to make your beats sound fuller (Part 3: Transposition Layers)

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5 ways to make your music sound fuller5 Ways How To Make Your Beats Sound Fuller



Step 3: Make single instruments sound wider and fuller through transposition layers

If you have found an instrument that you like (for example a guitar sound) you can copy it and layer it with customized versions of itself to make it sound even wider and fuller.


Simply do the following 4 steps to get some good results:

1. Copy the whole instrument and its region. In the new copied track click on the VST plugin to open up its preset. Most synth will have knobs here with which you can change the transposition, pitch and tuning of a certain sound. Try increasing these values on the new track.

2. Do exactly as described in number one, but decrease the values.

3. Now you should have three copies of the original instrument with a total of three different octaves. Try panning the second copy hard left and the third copy hard right to make the combined sound even wider.

4. Play back all three instrument layers at the same time. Listen to the result and fine tune the knobs you just tweaked until you are satisfied.


Keep in mind: You can enhance the sound of every single instrument in your track by layering it with differently transposed copies of itself.


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