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5 ways how to to make your beats sound fuller (Part 2: Layering & Combining)

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5 ways to make your music sound fuller

5 Ways How To Make Your Beats Sound Fuller



Step 2: Improve the general sound quality by layering, stacking and combining different samples

Do that right from the start when you program your drums. If you found a decent bass drum, that sounds “kinda nice”, but is missing something, just layer it with another bass drum sample. Keep step one in mind: Do not be lazy here and take your time to look for a pair (or a group) of bass drums that fit together perfectly and meet your needs.

This, of course, does not only apply to bass drums. Go and combine a snare drum with a clap and you will find, that it gives your sound additional width and body. Or if you feel like your piano sound is too weak, try to create a new track, load up another piano VST from your library, copy the region and stack both sounds until it sounds big, wide, deep and just right to you. If the combination of two pianos does not work for you, try combining it with other instruments like a pad.

Remember: You can stack and layer multiple instruments from the same or different kinds to enhance their sound.


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