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YT user making crazy Lex Luger type trap beat (FL Studio)

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Watch this beat maker create a Lex Luger type beat from scratch in FL Studio.

The production stages go like this:

- Synth Pad (stacked octaves)
- Strings (stacked octaves)
- Low brass stab (long reverb)
- Soft piano (stacked octaves)
- Hard Piano (stacked octaves)
- Rick Ross vox samples (stacked octaves)
- Open hat
- High hats (1/4 quick roll, 1/6 fast roll)
- Synth Lead
- Crash (+ soft vox ahhh)
- Snare
- Bass (Zaytoven kit)
- Kick

There is also some very good advice in the end of this video (skip to 3:40).

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