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Producer Daron Jones (of 112) making a soulful beat for a new artist of Diddy

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This is a rather unknown video of big producer Daron Jones making a beat in the studio.
He is programming a beat on the MPC and later on adds different sound layers to it.
Very soulful RnBish Hip Hop instrumentel.

The different sounds for the instrumental are building up like this:

- Rim shot
- Hight hat (slightly off time for the groove)
- Kick
- Hit sound (for the "gangsta vibe")
- Open hi hat
- cymbal (transition)

- Piano
- Bass line (very funky)
- Some Pipe sound (Mysterious/ Dark/ Scary)
- Pad (for hook/ drama/ plays same chords as piano)

- Build the full loop and then take out "dramatic elements"  to make the vere sound different from the hook.
- Leave the beat out for breaks and to keep things interesting.
- Do musically overdubs to reduce the monotonity that's in the nature of looped beats.

Note: From what I see there is basically no quantization for any sound

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